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This guide provides step by step instructions to deploy hujan io

System Requirements

The system machine must satisfy the following requirements :
- 1 network interface
- 4 Core of CPU
- 4 GiB of RAM
- 50 GiB of disk space
- Python 3.6.1 installed
- Kolla Ansible v9.3.1 installed
- MAAS v2.8.2 installed

Hujan using MAAS (Metal as a Service) to manage barematal, and Kolla-ansible as the basis of deployment tools.

Install Kolla ansible

Install Dependencies

  • Update the package index.
sudo apt update
  • Install python build dependencies.
sudo apt install python3-dev libffi-dev gcc libssl-dev
  • Install pip.
sudo apt install python3-pip
  • Ensure the latest version of pip installed.
sudo pip3 install -U pip
  • Install Ansible. Kolla ansible requires at least Ansible 2.9 and support up to ansible 2.9.
sudo apt install ansible

If the installed ansible version not meet requirement you can use pip.

sudo pip3 install -U 'ansible<2.10'
  • Install Kolla Ansible.
sudo pip3 install kolla-ansible==9.3.1
  • Create the /etc/kolla directory.
sudo mkdir -p /etc/kolla
sudo chown $USER:$USER /etc/kolla
  • Copy globals.yaml and password.yaml to /etc/kolla/.
cp -r /usr/local/share/kolla-ansible/etc_examples/kolla/* /etc/kolla
  • Create kolla user
sudo useradd kolla