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MAAS Installation

About MAAS

Hujan using MAAS to deploy Operating System to your environment. MAAS (Metal as a Service) is an open-source tool that lets you build a data centre from bare-metal servers.

You can discover, commission, deploy, and dynamically reconfigure a large network of individual units. MAAS converts your hardware investment into a cohesive, flexible, distributed data centre, with a minimum of time and effort.


The entire environment will consist of a single MAAS system. This MAAS cluster will contain a single zone, with the MAAS system (region and rack controllers).

Here are the minumum hardware requirements :
- CPU : 4 Core.
- Memory : 4 GiB.
- Disk : 50 GiB.
- 1 NIC.

See MAAS requirements in the MAAS documentation for more detailed information on what a MAAS system may require.

Setup MAAS

Here is a concise summary of how to install and initialise MAAS.

  • Install MAAS and Testdb for MAAS
sudo snap install maas --channel=2.9/stable
sudo snap install maas-test-db
  • First MAAS initialisation
sudo maas init region+rack --maas-url http://[maas-url]:5240/MAAS --database-uri maas-test-db:///
  • Create MAAS admin user
sudo maas createadmin --username admin --password s3cr3tp455w0rd --email --ssh-import gh:[username]
  • Get API Key
sudo maas apikey --username admin > ~/admin-api-key

For production you need to setup PostgreSQL.

Source : MAAS Documentation